Tutorial Tuesday: Sweater Pants

image from thisisnext.com

What's better than a warm, cozy sweater on a chilly day? A pair of swants! Swants aka sweater pants. Although this isn't a new idea (honestly nothing in fashion is), swants are perfect for running errands in cold temps when you don't want to rely on sweatpants. I was on a hunt for a pair of sweater leggings last year and scored them from Aeropostale for 12 bucks on sale!
I also nabbed these from H&M. The sucky part is trying to find sweater knit material to cut-and-sew a pair. I haven't been able to find any fabric in NYC's garment district or online. If anyone knows of a fabric store/shop, please let me know.

Stephen West of westknits.com was kind enough to provide a detailed (and pretty funny) tutorial to make your own from an old sweater. None wants to wear those awful Christmas sweaters, but they'd be kinda awesome as pants. Crafty and repurposing at the same time!

What you need:
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 tapestry needle
  • About 10 safety pins
  • Waste yarn for seaming (You can use a serger or sewing machine for cleaner finishing.)

You try on the sweater (legs inside sleeves), cut out the neck area to create a crotch area of the pants. And then seaming comes into play. Check out the West Knits blog for more details. Go on and get crafty!
© Stephen West
© Stephen West
© Stephen West


  1. That cowl you're wearing in your profile picture looks SO nice and squishy. What yarn is that? Does it pill much? I'm asking because it looks like roving, and, although I have never knit with it, I've always wondered if it would pill like crazy.

    1. Thanks Nik! I used Cascade Magnum in a color that is now discontinued. I don't think it pills, but I haven't worn this one too often to notice. Here's the original link to that cowl: http://obsessionsofkikistar.blogspot.com/2011/01/fluff-cowl.html

  2. Hey!!! You should start selling this stuff!! Great tutorial.