FO: Ha'Penny Cowl


I can't believe I started this project a little over 3 years ago and just finished it this past Sunday (9/15). *hangs head in shame* In any case it came out beautifully. The timing was perfect. It's quite chilly in NYC now...depending on what day it is. This tricky transition between summer and fall is annoying! But I was so cozy wearing this today that I really didn't mind the cold.

I'm already looking for a new something to knit up. Something quick possibly to help eat up the yarn stash that surprisingly (not really) keeps growing.


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    1. Lion Brand is very good with seasonal color options.

  2. That's gorgeous! Do you sell your designs? Sheila @The Frugal Exerciser

    1. Thank you :). I'm currently working on and taking custom orders, but will have a site up soon to purchase ready-made items. Shoot me an email.