Project hoarder?

Does that sound familiar to you? Ok maybe the definition is a bit extreme, but still applies (somewhat). I, Kisha T, am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to having projects. Especially unfinished projects. The first step is admitting it...right??

There are at least 4 items that were on my list of things to sew back in April/May: a few maxi dresses, a maxi skirt, a jumpsuit and a pair of flared shorts. I allowed work to get in the way, but also added more things on that list in the meantime. Procrastination and not following through. That's what my issue has been lately. And lack of motivation. /sad

So my plan today is to cut out all the patterns I have that haven't been touched. I'm talking 3-4 print-at-home patterns and probably 4 more store bought patterns...not including the 3 I ordered last week and had sent to the office . Hopefully I'm done and ready to sew by tomorrow. I have a lot of fabric stash to use up. And then of course I can contribute my to the blog!

How do you push through a lack of motivation? I could really use some tips!

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  1. Do you have a to do list? You need to put somewhere where you can see it daily, that helps me.