Obsession: Maxi Skirts

Every summer, I go maxi dress crazy. I mean, I literally have about 15-20 maxi dresses and most are patterned. There's a joke in the office that I can probably wear a maxi dress everyday without repeating one for an entire month. :)

The next best thing are maxi skirts. They are super comfortable and just as feminine as a maxi dress. Pair it with a tee, tank or even a button-front woven shirt tied at the waist. Most maxi skirts are better paired with a flat shoe. If the hem stops at your ankle, then wear a heel. I will be making some very soon. (The ones I had were ruined.)

There are a ton of DIY tutorials on the web and YouTube. The easiest way to make a maxi skirt would be to cut a large rectangle (about double the with of your waist measurement), fold one of the longer sides to create a tunnel, pull elastic through the tunnel and sew the shorter sides together. Sew a hem and you're done!

Here are a few outfit ideas (all images found on Tumblr). Now go strut your stuff you sexy goddess!


  1. OOH, I love love this look. I will be looking maxi skirt after getting off your site. Can I wear this to an afternoon wedding? Sheila@The Frugal Exerciser

  2. Hi Sheila,

    You can definitely wear a maxi skirt to an afternoon wedding. Perhaps a floral pattern in soft colors or a pretty pastel chiffon. If you pair it with a sleeveless top, don't forget to bring a shawl!

  3. I too love maxi's. They are so comfortable to wear. I look forward to seeing your DIY Maxi Skirts.

    KikiStar you are correct...I made several DIY Maxi Skirts with the sleeveless Vogue 8815 and they look great together :)