DIY: Scrabble Coasters

Hey beautiful people! I kinda forgot to post the finished Scrabble coasters. (Please excuse the photo qualities. I have no idea where my camera is :(.)

Here's a quick tutorial of what I did:

Lay out your 4-letter words. There are endless possibilities when you have 100 tiles like I did. the only issue I came across was having just 1 blank tile and an excess of vowels. I turned over an extra tile for a blank space.
I kept my word choices PG

Next, apply a very thin layer of glue to the sides of one tile and press against the next. I've seen another tutorial where someone used super glue, but I like my trusty E6000. When you're all done, you want to let them fully dry (I wanted overnight) and then affix the blocks to rolled cork.
I used a glue gun, but a thin layer of E600 is just as good.

Then using an exacto knife or box cutter, cut off the excess cork.

When that's done, you're ready to seal! I used modge podge and a foam brush. Brush across in one direction to keep an even layer.

And that's it! You are now the owner of super cool, Scrabble coasters. :)


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