The Mission Maxi

Ah...the infamous Mission Maxi pattern by Jaime Christina.

Like many other women, I live in maxi dresses when the weather reaches over 80 degrees (ok..75 really). It's gotten to a point that I feel guilty buying any more maxi dresses knowing I have bags of jersey fabric sitting around. Since I didn't have pattern paper to draft my own at the time (or patience), I purchased The Mission Maxi pattern. It's super simple with very detailed instructions. The fit is amazing!! I plan on making one just to lay around in...I'm not kidding.

I used a heather grey cotton/polyester jersey that was gifted from my friend. (Which she got from her job. Pretty convenient, right?)
Better shots on the mannequin...

I'll definitely be modifying this to wear in cooler weather (short and long sleeve versions). There are other DIYers that have created maxi skirts from this pattern, too. Stay tuned to see what I'll do with it next. :)


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