KimYe ♥

Hahaha...that name kills me. Judge me if you want, but I loooove these 2 together!! 
Not as much as Jay & Bey...

but I digress. They (Kim & Kanye) look genuinely happy. He's a good match for her and you can tell they were good friends before dating. Smart move there! Good luck to them both. ♥


  1. I have not been following the KIm/Kanye thing but this pair confuses me. One of Kim's complaints about Kris H is that he would embarrass her in public. Surely she knows how much of a public embarrassment Kanye can be. This is a ticking time bomb.

  2. I think Kris was embarrassing just by the way he acted or responded to media questions. Kanye's embarrassment come from not censoring himself. I'm sure she knows that already though. I'm not even sure this union is legit but they're still cute together!