Kiki Gets A Haircut

A drastic haircut at that!!

Friday, April 13th, I went to Harlem to get a haircut. Now let me tell you: the stylist was not trying to cut off anything. It took a good 10-15 minutes of me reassuring her that it's what I wanted and the only thing I could do. She was surprised how healthy my hair was in the back being that I've been relaxing it myself for over 5 years.

A little background: remember when I colored the front portion of my hair red a year ago? (If not, click here.) Well it was all good until about October when I went a little crazy with the chemical processes. I started out relaxing every 12-14 weeks and coloring my roots 4-6 weeks after. Some time in November (before Thanksgiving), I doubled up too soon and had horrible breakage.

Eventually, I lifted out the red color thinking it'd stop the breakage. I was wrong.

Soooo, I wore twists for about 2 months, relaxed the 2" of new growth I had and relaized I didn't want to keep wearing ponytails to camouflage the damage. I felt like nothing would solve the issue of having such different lengths (and I hate bobs on me), so I got it cut. It's very different, but it's growing on me now. Especially since the weather is getting hot...

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  1. I'm just glad your back to blogging!!! Cute hair!! I loves it so!