Rainbow Leggings

After about 2 months of procrastinating, I've finally finished these leggings.

And when I say "finished" I mean actually sewn. The pieces were cut out at the end of December. Laziness to re-thread my serger machine (or sit at the kitchen table sewing in general) is what stopped me. Love them tho! Now just have to figure out what to do with the remaining 3-4 yards of fabric remaining. The bestie suggests a backless maxi dress. What say you?

So close...

Edited To Add:
It's finished! Officially done on 2/28. Now that means I need to double down this month or next to catch up...

I'm knitting again. Slowly getting back to the needles.

Problem with this one is I finished the skein of yarn before I could finish the actual project. *sigh* The pattern is Huggie by Gina Bonomo (here on Ravelry). If I can somehow get to Lion Brand Studio after work before they close, this'll be done in a few days.

Some Knitting Books

During my Christmas vacation in Pittsburg, I stopped in a used book store and picked up more knitting books.

Initially, it was just the men's knits book I wanted but the other 2 were less than $6 a piece. And they're hardcover! I couldn't walk away from that. The "Afghans & Throws" book has a few stitch patterns that'd be amazing for scarves. Anywho, hopefully these give me some new motivation/inspiration to pick up my needles 'cuz I need something.