I moved!!

Not the blog. But I move into a new apartment. YAY!!!

Aside from experiencing flood damage from Hurricane Sandy, there was nothing wrong with my last apartment. Except that it was a basement unit with very limit sunlight. While that may not be such a big deal to some, it hindered in my productivity. It's kind of difficult to be productive when your apartment is all dark & cozy. Lol. Now I'm in a bigger space with tons of natural light.

So even though I probably said the same thing last year (teehee), there will be more posts soon. More knitting, possibly more sewing and definitely photos of my decorating the new place.

Until then....peace!

Posting from my iPhone

Clearly I didn't search the App Store correctly because I just found the Blogger app (well, a few hours ago). Yay!!

The Mission Maxi

Ah...the infamous Mission Maxi pattern by Jaime Christina.

Like many other women, I live in maxi dresses when the weather reaches over 80 degrees (ok..75 really). It's gotten to a point that I feel guilty buying any more maxi dresses knowing I have bags of jersey fabric sitting around. Since I didn't have pattern paper to draft my own at the time (or patience), I purchased The Mission Maxi pattern. It's super simple with very detailed instructions. The fit is amazing!! I plan on making one just to lay around in...I'm not kidding.

I used a heather grey cotton/polyester jersey that was gifted from my friend. (Which she got from her job. Pretty convenient, right?)
Better shots on the mannequin...

I'll definitely be modifying this to wear in cooler weather (short and long sleeve versions). There are other DIYers that have created maxi skirts from this pattern, too. Stay tuned to see what I'll do with it next. :)

Tribal print leggings

Hey friends!

I'm a little late with this post, as I actually finished these a few days before Labor Day. But better than than never, right?

Last year, I bought a racerback tank top from Forever 21. Love, love, love the print and the fabric itself is sooo lightweight and perfect for summer. I wondered if I'd be able to find a similar print, but didn't find anything online. And then BAM...I find it in a random store in the Fashion District. (Gotta love NYC!)

Initially, I wanted to make a maxi dress, but figured I already have a tank so a bottom piece would be better. There's enough left to also make a pencil skirt. Anywho...on to the pictures!

I used the same pattern as the previous leggings, but in option C. I have to wear these soon because Fall is almost here. Yaaaayyy!

Distraction: Instagram

I really did have the intention of posting more often, but the ease of posting random photos to Instagram has taken over  -_-. I may have to finally buy an iPhone app that works with Blogger. Any suggestions??
Anywho, here are a few random shots from my account...
I finally wore my leggings!! They were a hit in the office ^_^

Current Obsession: Knitted Shorts

Ok...maybe not so current. More like re-occuring obsessions. Knit shorts have been around for decades, resurfacing every few years. Pretty much like everything else in fashion, right? I've always wanted a pair of Fair-isle sweater shorts, but never found the perfect pair. Since Summertime is upon us here in New York and I have a lot of yarn still sitting around, knit shorts seem very logical. At least to me. LOL.

Would you wear a pair, no matter the temperature? 

Just For Fun: Haircut Video

This is completely unedited. The voice you hear is good ol' Michelle, AKA Blondie (or HarlemHonie on Twitter). Now that I watch it, I really can't believe I went through with cutting all that hair. *sigh* It'll grow back. It's just hair. :)

KimYe ♥

Hahaha...that name kills me. Judge me if you want, but I loooove these 2 together!! 
Not as much as Jay & Bey...

but I digress. They (Kim & Kanye) look genuinely happy. He's a good match for her and you can tell they were good friends before dating. Smart move there! Good luck to them both. ♥

Kiki Gets A Haircut

A drastic haircut at that!!

Friday, April 13th, I went to Harlem to get a haircut. Now let me tell you: the stylist was not trying to cut off anything. It took a good 10-15 minutes of me reassuring her that it's what I wanted and the only thing I could do. She was surprised how healthy my hair was in the back being that I've been relaxing it myself for over 5 years.

A little background: remember when I colored the front portion of my hair red a year ago? (If not, click here.) Well it was all good until about October when I went a little crazy with the chemical processes. I started out relaxing every 12-14 weeks and coloring my roots 4-6 weeks after. Some time in November (before Thanksgiving), I doubled up too soon and had horrible breakage.

Eventually, I lifted out the red color thinking it'd stop the breakage. I was wrong.

Soooo, I wore twists for about 2 months, relaxed the 2" of new growth I had and relaized I didn't want to keep wearing ponytails to camouflage the damage. I felt like nothing would solve the issue of having such different lengths (and I hate bobs on me), so I got it cut. It's very different, but it's growing on me now. Especially since the weather is getting hot...


So I'm back. Not that I really went anywhere, but y'all know what I'm saying :).

Lots of working and not really sleeping have kept me from posting. Since this is an extended weekend, I'll try my best to update....

Happy Memorial Day to you all!

Rainbow Leggings

After about 2 months of procrastinating, I've finally finished these leggings.

And when I say "finished" I mean actually sewn. The pieces were cut out at the end of December. Laziness to re-thread my serger machine (or sit at the kitchen table sewing in general) is what stopped me. Love them tho! Now just have to figure out what to do with the remaining 3-4 yards of fabric remaining. The bestie suggests a backless maxi dress. What say you?

So close...

Edited To Add:
It's finished! Officially done on 2/28. Now that means I need to double down this month or next to catch up...

I'm knitting again. Slowly getting back to the needles.

Problem with this one is I finished the skein of yarn before I could finish the actual project. *sigh* The pattern is Huggie by Gina Bonomo (here on Ravelry). If I can somehow get to Lion Brand Studio after work before they close, this'll be done in a few days.

Some Knitting Books

During my Christmas vacation in Pittsburg, I stopped in a used book store and picked up more knitting books.

Initially, it was just the men's knits book I wanted but the other 2 were less than $6 a piece. And they're hardcover! I couldn't walk away from that. The "Afghans & Throws" book has a few stitch patterns that'd be amazing for scarves. Anywho, hopefully these give me some new motivation/inspiration to pick up my needles 'cuz I need something.

Bad Blogger :(

How'd I go 30 days without posting in the new year?! So ashamed *hanging head down*.....but life happens.

So far, 2012 has been very eventful to say the least. Happy times, sad times and moments of me fighting a horrible cold. Can't wait for winter to be over! I do have new projects in the works. A lot of sewing, knitting and hand sketches to share. *yay* I'm also working on an online portfolio, so that info will also be shared here soon.

How's your year been so far?