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Year In Review: 2011

As usual, I didn't get through much of anything I said I'd do this year (seen in this post). All the things I did manage to do are crossed off.

crafty stuff
  1. complete at least 10 knitted items by December
  2. learn to properly use the knitting machine I bought in 2008
  3. knit something wearable besides an accessory
  4. knit through my yarn stash seen here
  5. make something man-friendly that isn't a scarf or fingerless gloves
  6. re-learn crochet
  7. sew more often using my fabric stash (it's HUGE)
  8. hand sketch more often and add to my portfolio
  9. visit more art exhibits
  10. blog more...period
general stuff
  1. land a permanent, fulltime design position
  2. travel outside of the Tri-State area when I can
  3. stay away from the scissors and let my hair grow back to BSL (bra strap length)
  4. get my driver's permit
  5. socialize more often
  6. ♥ be happy & enjoy life ♥
Wow... Guess that means I'll just roll these over into 2012 and not make a new list. LOL. What are your goals for 2012 or will you just enjoy the year as it happens?

Ending The Year Well Rested

Hey party people! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but you know how crazy-busy life gets around the holidays.

I've been on vacation in Pittsburgh for the past week meeting/visiting my boyfriend's parents and boy have I definitely caught up on rest & relaxation! I've relaxed so much that I haven't even acted like a proper tourist taking photos of everything. It's been a little hard for me to not think about work or all the things I could be making during this time. The mindset of an overachiever *sigh*. I am very much ready to get back to work at the start of the New Year.

Be safe and enjoy :)