Burnout *sigh*

See her face? That's how I've been feeling lately -_-. Between work, personal stress and too many side projects, there's just waaay too much going on. Luckily, I've gotten rid of the stress by not communicating with the people who were causing it. (Best thing to do, by the way.)

I have a better grip on work-life, so hopefully I'll make more time to blog. Hopefully....

Project Runway Season 9

And the winner is....Anya!!!

While I think Anya herself is absolutely adorable and I commend her efforts in all the challenges, I'm still not so sure it was fair to announce her the winner. I mean, her collection wasn't exactly difficult to make seeing as she had nothing but dresses and one bathing suit. What happened to the amazing trousers she made during the show? Why not make a version as shorts to keep with the Caribbean theme? It is pretty cool that she taught herself to sew a few months before the audition process, though. Not many people have that kind of drive to do that.

photos from MyLifetime.com