Mens T-Shirt Recon

Last week, I cut up a men's tee to wear to work. We all in the design department wore men's stuff to work that day for a sales meeting. (I actually work at a young men's fashion company now, in case you were wondering.)


I have about 3 yards of gold lame in my stash from like 10 years ago that I've never used (surprise, surprise). Since the graphic on the front is gold foil, it was perfect to braid up with some scraps to keep the shirt from falling off my shoulders.And this is the back detail. Another fabric scrap wrapped and hand sewn in place.It was really quick to do, but has a nice effect to it. Casual in the front, party in the back!


  1. This is super cute!!! I love it. It doesn't look like you shredded a t-shirt (which I hate) You styled it and it looks like something off the rack. LOVES it!

  2. Wow! That looks great - you have such a good eye, I could never have come up with that!