celestial wedges

There's not much I can say about these wedges except that they're just awesome. Created by Alexandra Sophie from Belfort, France. Click the link below for her Etsy shop.

Unique nebula galaxy shoes, wedges heels handpainted by Kustom Kix

A pair of very unique shoes hand-painted by KUSTOM KIX.

100% hand painted shoes using Acrylic paint on black faux suede. The entire shoe has been finished off in a layer of flexible matt varnish for durability, to withstand all weather conditions.

Besides skinny jeans or leggings, what does one wear with these? I'm picturing a lightweight sweater tucked into a pencil skirt worn under a trench.....and maybe some black herringbone tights. Would you rock these?


  1. Oh my!! These are awesome :D I'm immediately going to buy a pair!!! I'm not sure if I can live without them since you showed them haha...

    I'm sure it would be awesome with a skinny jeans or even a high skirt, very thin on the waist, very vintage like the 50's! I'm not sure how to explain though :) But sure for the tight too!!

    Well, I shut up and run going to buy!!

  2. I'd wear them too! But, not even sure what with.

  3. Nice booties! luv these & you could totally rock these ~ hmm? I'm thinkin' leggings w/ an off the shoulder sweater or top.. & definitely shades, since they look so cool. ;D

  4. such a shame, it's a lovely color, really looks promising :)

  5. I have a pair similar to those that is supposed to be arriving in the mail any day now. I plan to wear them with skinny jeans, skirts, shorts + tights, dresses - basically anything, I really think the galaxy inspired wedges are versatile like any other shoe as long as you wear the right colours that don't clash. They can really dress up any outfit!