March is National Craft Month

What better time to celebrate all things crafting? So make some extra time to work on a craft project this month. Here are some tips to get your started:

Just do it! ─ Sometimes starting is the hardest part. Crafting is something you do for yourself- find the time to get back to something you love.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. ─ Can’t replicate the projects you see in store displays and magazines? So what! Sometimes mistakes create the best results.

Get inspired. ─ For project ideas in all craft types and for all skill and age levels, check out all of the great craft projects on Sort by step-by-step projects to see projects with instructions or inspirations to see finished projects that will jump-start your creativity. Local craft stores are also a great source of inspiration- find a store near you by visiting the store locator.

Get involved. ─ Crafting doesn’t have to be something you do alone. Be part of something:
  • Take a class- try something new or brush up on old skills. Take a friend and share the experience.
  • Volunteer to share your crafting expertise- work with local scouting troops, nursing homes, your local library, after school programs or community centers.
  • Join a crafting club, quilting guild or attend a crop. Can’t find a local group? Start your own! Contact your local craft store if you need help spreading the word and getting started.
  • Connect with kids- Children of all ages love to craft. Use National Craft Month to get in on the fun with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews!
  • Teach someone. ─ Use National Craft Month as an excuse to teach your friends to knit, your son or daughter to quilt, or your neighbor to scrapbook. Maybe they’ll take the time to teach you something new in the future.
Have fun. ─ More than anything else, National Craft Month is all about having fun doing something you love. Celebrate National Craft Month and rediscover the joy that crafting can bring to your life.
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