Fluff: the cowl

tah-dah! first finished object of 2011:

the pattern is "Marshmellow Fluff" by Sarah Kraly. since I haven't yet made a cowl (neckwarmer) for myself, this was a great project to get my knitting mojo back. I stopped knitting last month when a pair of gloves I was working on went haywire. in other words I messed up and didn't realize it until 14 rows later. (>_<)

the yarn is Cascade Magnum in colorway 4007, the same yarn used for this cowl. the above photos are more true to color than the close-up below. love this yarn and would use it more often if it weren't $22 per hank. if only I could find it in bulk on eBay...*sigh*.


  1. thnx 4 the comment :) love the neckwarmer!!! cute!!!


  2. Ooooo I love your cowl. This is a great pattern and a beautiful photo.