Fluff: the cowl

tah-dah! first finished object of 2011:

the pattern is "Marshmellow Fluff" by Sarah Kraly. since I haven't yet made a cowl (neckwarmer) for myself, this was a great project to get my knitting mojo back. I stopped knitting last month when a pair of gloves I was working on went haywire. in other words I messed up and didn't realize it until 14 rows later. (>_<)

the yarn is Cascade Magnum in colorway 4007, the same yarn used for this cowl. the above photos are more true to color than the close-up below. love this yarn and would use it more often if it weren't $22 per hank. if only I could find it in bulk on eBay...*sigh*.

new year, new goals

I finally sat down and thought of the things I'd want to accomplish this year. usually I don't do this, which is probably why I don't get much done outside of work. on top of being a professional procrastinator.... so here's my list, in no particular order:

crafty stuff
  1. complete at least 10 knitted items by December
  2. learn to properly use the knitting machine I bought in 2008
  3. knit something wearable besides an accessory
  4. knit through my yarn stash seen here
  5. make something man-friendly that isn't a scarf or fingerless gloves
  6. re-learn crochet
  7. sew more often using my fabric stash (it's HUGE)
  8. hand sketch more often and add to my portfolio
  9. visit more art exhibits
  10. blog more...period
general stuff
  1. land a permanent, fulltime design position
  2. travel outside of the Tri-State area when I can
  3. stay away from the scissors and let my hair grow back to BSL (bra strap length)
  4. get my driver's permit
  5. socialize more often
  6. ♥ be happy & enjoy life ♥

there are things I've probably forgotten, but I'll add them later. what are your goals for this new year?

Happy New Year!!

2011 is the start of a new year, in a new decade. take the last 10 years as lessons to make the next 10 better. cheers!