what a feelin'... (stirrup legwarmers)

here are the Lion Brand legwarmers I previously posted about in the Flashdance post.

...and yes, I actually did dance around in them. didn't think about YouTube'ing "What A Feeling" until just now, but I did dance around in them while listening to "She's A Maniac". ^_^
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almost doesn't count

...but this is as far as I'll get with this piece in 2010. as I take a break from sewing to crank out knitted items for this icy winter weather we're having, I bring to you my un-hemed cozy! (p.s. the stripe orientation is different in the back because, well, I like being different. hence, the orange & grey stripes. ^_^)
it's been on the mannequin w/ the necklace since November 13th. LOL. this was inspired by a cashmere cozy at...I don't remember where because that was back in July/August. it was lush and had a little bit of lurex mixed with the yarn. my friend used it for the development of her girl's 2011 fall line and I was not about to shell out $198 for a light weight sweater I didn't need. the body was really simple so I measured it, did a rough sketch and jotted down the measurements to create my own pattern pieces.
made the patterns out of old newspaper on Nov. 12th and had it all cut out and serged together the next day. just need to set up the regular sewing machine for a double needle hem finish...

see...I did pay attention in my paper pattern making classes!


Flashdance was on one of the many Showtime movie channels recently (thanks, FIOS!!!). it's amazing seeing an old movie you haven't watched in years and then you remember why you loved it. for me it was the 80's hair,the gorgeous Jennifer Beals working in a welding factory and of course her ballet audition.
I've always loved legwarmers but can never find a pair that are super long for the extra slouchy look. so of course after watching Flashdance again I thought "duh...why not make a pair yourself?". after searching and searching...and more searching (seriously it took me 2.5 days)....I found this pattern from Lion Brand, Sausalito Stirrup Socks:very different from what's in the stores now and would keep my feet warm when wearing flats in this freezing NYC winter weather. luckily when I went to Lion Brand Studio, I found out they are having a 15% off sale for the yarn for the entire month of December. ^_^

here's JLo's "I'm Glad" video just for kicks (notice she has on stirrup legwarmers too)...