fabric, beads & patience

lots and lots of patience. i didn't think this would have taken me so long to make, but a las, i am a perfectionist. although i love how it came out, i can still see things that could have been better. oh well.

cotton/polyester jersey, plastic beads, polyester thread...and again, lots of patience. my favorite part is the flower! it's made up of 11 separate petals all hand-sewn together. took a while to decide what kind of flower look I wanted for this. love how fluffy it came out. ^_^

these are the beads I used. these were the most normal ones I could find in Bead World. at $6 for about 50 beads, I didn't mind at all ;o).
11/15/10 edited to add: the above is my version of this necklace. the creator said she actually loves mine better. sweetness!

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