sequins and rhinestones and pearls...OH MY!

I had the pleasure of seeing Burlesque when it premiered in theaters, November 24th. talk about inspiration to make beautiful things! as soon as I saw one of the dancers, Coco, in a striped bustier, black skirt and striped thigh-highs I was in love. (too bad I can't find an image cuz it was HOT.) throughout the movie the costumes were amazing. Kristen Bell at one point wore a black mini-mesh catsuit w/ strategically placed lace pieces. (again, could not find this image. -_-) Here are some of the images I did find: (click image to enlarge)

oh yeah...the soundtrack is all kinds of awesome, too!!


so I'm finally sewing. absolutely love my serger!! I'd post pics of what I'm making but nothing is completely finished (this doesn't surprise you if you really know me outside this blog lol). just need to hem...everything. but here's a sneak peek at the fabrics I'm working with:

some of the grey heather (very little) was used in the previous post for the necklace. more finished products coming soon ^_^.

sorry for the crappy photos but the lighting in my apartment sucks and they are cellphone shots.

fabric, beads & patience

lots and lots of patience. i didn't think this would have taken me so long to make, but a las, i am a perfectionist. although i love how it came out, i can still see things that could have been better. oh well.

cotton/polyester jersey, plastic beads, polyester thread...and again, lots of patience. my favorite part is the flower! it's made up of 11 separate petals all hand-sewn together. took a while to decide what kind of flower look I wanted for this. love how fluffy it came out. ^_^

these are the beads I used. these were the most normal ones I could find in Bead World. at $6 for about 50 beads, I didn't mind at all ;o).
11/15/10 edited to add: the above is my version of this necklace. the creator said she actually loves mine better. sweetness!

one cowl...FINISHED!

i knew eventually I'd finish at least one of my projects. so here it is: a simple seed stitched cowl.

75 stitches worked in seed stitch pattern until it measured approx. 8". this was made for my good friend, Michelle. hope she likes it...

I ♥ Him....

Christian Siriano.

no matter how much time passes, I remember watching season 4 of Project Runway hoping from the beginning he'd win. he's insanely creative and hilarious to boot. we could be besties if I ever met him.

check out the latest from his Spring/Summer 2011 Collection (click photo to enlarge):