McCall's pattern shopping

I realized the other day that I haven't sewn anything since graduating college in December 2004. that's ridiculous considering the fact that I bought 2 (yes..2) dress forms since then. in my defense, I did sell the 1st one (a foam body) to a friend after buying the 2nd one (a collapsible professional form). oh...and let's not forget about the serger purchased this past July. maybe I just like buying things to have them around?

anyway. I really want to make a jacket soon. seems like all the jackets I've seen lately are just not doing it for me. nothing calls to me. eallen116 in the "sewing listas" group from posted a link to this pattern after I mentioned wanting to sew a jacket/coat there:
Misses'/Women's Capelets and Belt

and then, i saw this:
Misses' Lined Jackets and Belt

both patterns are super cute and simple...and on their way to me!! I think I'll modify the cape to have slit pockets in the front. and the jacket to have a zipper closure or snaps instead of buttons. maybe, in a girly tweed herringbone? hmm...

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