free goodies, yay!!

when people decide to give me new yarn "just because", I feel extra-loved. this bag of yummyness was given to me by a friend that used bits of them for a Fall 2011 color palette (she's a childrenswear designer).

she came to my desk asking if i wanted some yarn. my very appropriate response was only "*gasp* OHMIGOD!". but now i realize this just adds more projects & ideas to the never-ending list of things i want to make.

let's try this again

there's nothing more frustrating than substituting a yarn and then realizing a few rows into the project that it's not working. that's what happened while I was making this:

Ha'Penny Loop Cowl by Staceyjoy Elkin (on Ravelry)

the pattern calls for 4 strands of DK weight held together. i don't have the patience (or that much DK yarn in my stash) to do all that, so i figured Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick (in pretty!) would work. wrong! the stitches are not defined at all and 4 rows in it already feels heavy. AND apparently some of the stitches twisted when i joined...*sigh*

obviously, chunky/bulky yarn would have made more sense. soooooo in a few minutes i'll be frogging this and re-casting using Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky in Pumpkin. this shall be a traveling project since my subway commute is 40-55 minutes.

jersey knits, here I come!

I bought a serger!! (a few weeks ago actually....) a Brother 1034D to be exact:

i've seen a lot of good reviews on this one. this is definitely going to pay for itself soon because 85% of my wardrobe is knit. have yet to set it up, but I'm insanely excited to start making clothes for fall. purchased some jersey and a leopard printed rib jersey....just cuz. :o)