fashion: reality tv VS real life

one of the things i hate about family gatherings is the question "why don't you try out for Project Runway?" or "why haven't you started your own line yet?". people really don't understand all the work it takes to make clothing that actually sells and withstands time. i barely have enough time to cook dinner for myself by the time i get home (besides the fact that it takes me an hour, sometimes more, to get home from work in the first place). it's hard enough to work in the fashion industry, so i don't think i personally have enough patience to go at it on my own.

reality shows like Project Runway (there's a marathon now on Lifetime Real Women), the Fashion Show and Make My Line have people outside of the industry believing it's just so simple to start a line. and with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port from the Hills having their own lines, it doesn't make it any better. but has anyone actually noticed none of the Project Runway winners were truly successes? aside from Christian Siriano, does anyone remember the other winners names without the help of Google? and whatever happened to all of Lauren's jersey dresses and flowy woven tops? recent episodes of The City show Whitney struggling to make sales of her Spring line because not everyone agrees with her desire to "design flirty, fun pieces for myself and my friends".

that right there is the point: having a successful clothing line isn't about designing for yourself and your friends. you have to take yourself outside the box and focus on the customer (or the region you want to sell in). Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface line was really cute, but at the time the customer she was going for were already in the Baby Phat world.

sorry for ranting... it just gets annoying having to go through the same speech repeatedly.

anywho, here are some links that i found interesting:
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