costume designer Colleen Atwood

speaking of Tim Burton, Colleen Atwood has designed the costumes for a lot of his movies. (see her work list at IMDB.) my favorite piece was Christina Ricci's final dress in Sleepy Hollow. the silhouette, the

Tim Burton at the MoMA

the beautiful darkness that is Tim Burton.

I finally got to see the exhibit on April 15th. although i prefer bold colors in my personal life, something about Tim's black, white and grey world pulls me in every time. maybe I have an inner goth just waiting to come out? The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands are a few of my all-time favorite movies. they're dark, quirky, visually stimulating with complicated costumes and great musical scores by Danny Elfman. to see original sketches from the process of these movies is beyond inspiring. of course it was insanely crowded and people don't mind being in your personal space, but what else can you expect in New York mid-day on a Thursday? because of that, it was impossible to see everything, but what we did get to see was great stuff.

Here are some highlights:

the entrance to the exhibit

the carousel in the blacklight room

the wall of women

the alien series

see more amazingness here

there are quick sketches on napkins and sketchpads, hand written notes to Johnny Depp, concept boards by his assistants, and so much more that you wouldn't expect to see. we completely forgot to check out the garden where the topiaries from Edward Scissorhands are. one of the comments a friend of mine made was that he uses the same characters again and again in all of his stories. but don't we do the same thing in fashion? what's old becomes new again with a slight twist. so why can't an artist make a ghost-dog once in red and again in translucent white? sometimes you have to revisit the ideas that didn't work out the first time and rework it.

I hope to one day own a piece of art from Tim Burton. now that would truly be amazing.