Gossip Girl season 3!!

It seems like forever since GG episodes aired and I've been going through some serious withdrawal. But that ends this Monday! If you missed last season, here's a brief on the major events:
  • Georgina is back to her old tricks. Her crazy never ends.
  • Dan had a threesome with his girlfriend (played by Hillary Duff) and Vanessa. Not a smart move! He later professed his love to Vanessa. She pretty much brushes it off.
  • Jenny met a drug dealer...and liked it! Little J is becoming very money hungry, very fast.
  • Eric tries to take down Jenny as the new Queen B, but all his attempts backfire. Because of his focus on Jenny, Jonathan breaks up with him.
  • Chuck is haunted by Bart's ghost on the anniversary of his death. When he finally agrees to visit Bart's grave, he sees....*gasp*...his mother!?
  • Blair gets Lady Gaga to perform at an NYU play she put together. Awesome!
  • Serena and Tripp have a short-lived affair. She finds out he is secretly meeting up with his soon-to-be-exwife, although he said he was with his grandfather. Maureen (the wife) shows up at their love shack and tries to convince Serena to remain the side chick while Tripp makes his way to Washington. Everybody wins, right?
  • Umm...no. Serena flips out and demands to be taken home. When Tripp crashes into a tree and leaves her alone in the car, Nate saves the day. (Well, the paramedics do actually but he called them.) When will Serena stop making such horrible choices?
  • Serena finds out Lily knew where her father was all along.
  • Lily inadvertently pushes Rufus into the arms of the co-op board president...who's a sexy single woman with a very seduction gaze.
I'm sure there's a lot I left out, but there was sooooo much going on last season. Rumor has it that Season 3 contains a steamy sex scene. Wonder which pair it'll be: Chuck/Blair or Nate/Serena OR Dan/Vanessa, maybe??

Can't wait!!

photos courtesy from www.tvfanatic.com


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